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  • Equipment for municipalities

    AUSA provides URBAN programs and equipment MULTISERVICE versatile, perfectly suited communities from major cities to mountain villages.

  • Food and textile industry 

    Lifring and handling equippments without emissions, made from materials accepted in the food and textile 

  • Warehousing

    A wide range of lifting and stacking equippments outdoor and indoor warehouse, factories, ports, railway stations 

  • Airport handling equipment (AHM) 

    Equipment and baggage handling in airports, snow removal equipment and cleaning tracks and adjacent spaces of the runnaways. Towing Equipment

  • Agriculture and forestry 

    Stacking and handling equipment AUSA - Spain configured specifically for livestock farms, warehouses fruits and vegetables, horticulture, viticulture and forestry

  • Equipment used in special areas: military - emergency 

    Transport and earthmoving equipment specifically configured for military applications, rescue and fighting natural desasters

  • Constructions

    5 product lines of high performance materials handling products from AUSA - Spain. Loaders and other earthmoving machines


    Our first buldozer!

    05/02/2015! After 9 months of hard work, together with our colleagues from Bilfinger Baugesellschaft M.b.h. Wien Sucursala Voluntari, we managed to deliver the first Bulldozer Suceava County Council activity SC Vectra Exim for landfill equipment from Pojorâta.



Optimum Weight Distribution
The new generation Cukurova Backhoe Loaders are designed to have Optimum Weight Distribution giving safe, stable steering on the highway and provides a solid digging platform.

Improved Backhoe Performance
The standard 600 mm backhoe bucket coupled with the compact, powerful backhoe, means higher cycle and maximum output.

Single Cylinder Loader Design
Super bucket visibility over and around raked hood; Reduced maintenance (fewer links and pins); Increased bucket breakout as full cylinder diameter is used; Over designed pins beam structure.

Roomy ROPS/ FOPS cab

Specially designed ROPS/FOPS cab provides perfect operating comfort, excellent visibility with tinted safety glass.

A well designed dash within reach
Sitting in the driver’s seat is a lot like sitting in a automobile. The tiltable front dash provides all switches and controls to be closer to the driver. There’s no stretching, so there’s less fatigue. 
On right side dash, a large, easy-to-read, standard operator display features a maintenance indicator, hour meter, fuel level guage, engine oil temperature guage, engine rpm to name a few.

Steering Column
The steering column can be adjusted to an infinite amount of positions for maximum comfort, increased belly room and improved visibility of all indicators by simply pressing the quick-release foot pedal.

Dash Finishes
The dash comes nicely appointed in two finishes: brushed silver (on dashes), ABS (right, supporting dash).

Easy Cab Entry 
Sculpted, self-cleaning steps and a full-size grab bar provide an extra measure of safety getting in and out of the cab. Partial opening of cab doors


Three-pieces engine hood
Aerodynamic hood design provides operator to access all the necessary maintenance points easily and quickly thus spending less time and effort.

Hood safety latch
The hood safety latch engages and keeps the hood up, even in the windiest conditions. Disengage the latch by simply flipping it up before closing the hood. 


Make Perkins
Model 1104C-44T 1104D-44T
Engine type 4 stroke diesel,Turbocharged
Engine power 92 (68,5) hp/kW 94 (70) hp/kW
Rated speed 2300 rpm
Displacement 4,4 L.
Bore and stroke 105 X 127 mm
No of cylinders 4
Max. torque 395 Nm 392 Nm
Cooling Water Cooled and 
Engine oil Radiator
Electrical System  
Battery 12/105 V/Ah
Starter 3 kW
Drive Train  
Make Carraro
Type Powershuttle
Travel Speeds  
1st (forward/reverse) 5,80/5,80 km/h
2nd (forward/reverse) 9,30/9,30 km/h
3rd (forward/reverse) 21,40/21,40 km/h
4th (forward/reverse) 40,00/40km/h
Hydraulic pump Tandem Pump
Max. Flow 79+57 l/min
Hydraulic oil filter Full flow filter in 
return line with 
integrated fine filter area
Hydraulic oil cooler Hydraulic and 
transmission oil cooler
Hydraulic Controls  
Backhoe Controls Mechanical control levers
Loader Control Mechanical control lever
AXLES Standard Optional
Type 2WD 4WD
Make Carraro
Axle Oscillations 16° total oscillation on front axle
Rear Axle Electro-hydraulic 
operated differential lock
2 wheel / 4 wheel 2 wheel
Service type Hydraulic wet multi-disc
Parking type Mechanical 
control on rear axle
Loader Attachment  
Bucket Capacity 1 m³
Dump Height 2740 mm
Lift to full height 3015kg
Backhoe Attachment  
Bucket Capacity 0,2 m3
Bucket Width 600 mm
Digging Depth 
(retracted - extended)
4005 mm / 4805 mm 
up to 5005 mm
Optional Digging Depth 
(retracted - extended)
4600 mm / 5800 mm 
up to 6000 mm
Front 4 WD 12,5/80-18
Rear 4 WD 16,9-28
Operating Weight 7100 kg - 8500kg

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