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  • Equipment for municipalities

    AUSA provides URBAN programs and equipment MULTISERVICE versatile, perfectly suited communities from major cities to mountain villages.

  • Food and textile industry 

    Lifring and handling equippments without emissions, made from materials accepted in the food and textile 

  • Warehousing

    A wide range of lifting and stacking equippments outdoor and indoor warehouse, factories, ports, railway stations 

  • Airport handling equipment (AHM) 

    Equipment and baggage handling in airports, snow removal equipment and cleaning tracks and adjacent spaces of the runnaways. Towing Equipment

  • Agriculture and forestry 

    Stacking and handling equipment AUSA - Spain configured specifically for livestock farms, warehouses fruits and vegetables, horticulture, viticulture and forestry

  • Equipment used in special areas: military - emergency 

    Transport and earthmoving equipment specifically configured for military applications, rescue and fighting natural desasters

  • Constructions

    5 product lines of high performance materials handling products from AUSA - Spain. Loaders and other earthmoving machines


    Our first buldozer!

    05/02/2015! After 9 months of hard work, together with our colleagues from Bilfinger Baugesellschaft M.b.h. Wien Sucursala Voluntari, we managed to deliver the first Bulldozer Suceava County Council activity SC Vectra Exim for landfill equipment from Pojorâta.

AUSA C 500 H

C 500 H

Rough terrain and semi-industrial forklift of 5,500kg.  Unique concept of light, compact, agile and safe forklift.  Ideal for load manipulation over demanding terrains and narrow spaces.  Advanced design of forklift fully cabbed. Espacious and ergonomic generates minimum tiredness and give a great safety of operation. Tilting cabinfor easy maintenance.

The outstanding performance of the hydrostatic transmission with the connectable 4WD FullGrip® allows the easy carry of loads on the toughest grounds and narrow places.  The big diameter and width of the tyres together with a good ground clearance give a great safety, grip and stability for driving over obstacles at full load. Front flotation tyres generate an outstanding stability of loads on forks to transport heavy weight.  Unique forklift of its category with an optional wider axels to maximize the stability at full load.


Technical Specifications

Specifications C 500 H
Load capacity 5.000 kg
Traction 4x2 4x4 FullGrip®
Engine 63 kW
Lifting height 3,70 m
Turning radius (C 500 H 4x2) 3,6 m / (C 500 H 4x4) 4,3 m
Measures (wide x long x high) 2,00 x 4,6 x 2,35 m
Unladen weigth (C 500 H 4x2) 7.500 / (C 500 H 4x4) 7.600 kg

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