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  • Equipment for municipalities

    AUSA provides URBAN programs and equipment MULTISERVICE versatile, perfectly suited communities from major cities to mountain villages.

  • Food and textile industry 

    Lifring and handling equippments without emissions, made from materials accepted in the food and textile 

  • Warehousing

    A wide range of lifting and stacking equippments outdoor and indoor warehouse, factories, ports, railway stations 

  • Airport handling equipment (AHM) 

    Equipment and baggage handling in airports, snow removal equipment and cleaning tracks and adjacent spaces of the runnaways. Towing Equipment

  • Agriculture and forestry 

    Stacking and handling equipment AUSA - Spain configured specifically for livestock farms, warehouses fruits and vegetables, horticulture, viticulture and forestry

  • Equipment used in special areas: military - emergency 

    Transport and earthmoving equipment specifically configured for military applications, rescue and fighting natural desasters

  • Constructions

    5 product lines of high performance materials handling products from AUSA - Spain. Loaders and other earthmoving machines


    Our first buldozer!

    05/02/2015! After 9 months of hard work, together with our colleagues from Bilfinger Baugesellschaft M.b.h. Wien Sucursala Voluntari, we managed to deliver the first Bulldozer Suceava County Council activity SC Vectra Exim for landfill equipment from Pojorâta.

The AUSA Cleaning line

Equipment designed for easy use and maintenance. Urban and modern approach, citizen and environmentally friendly. Low fuel consumption and maintenance equipment with reduced operating costs.

4 AUSA Cleaning advantages

Respect to the environment


AUSA meets the highest standards in reducing air emissions, noise and fuel consumption.


Technology for the user


AUSA machines incorporate the latest technologies to improve the ease of use, the maintenance and the customer satisfaction with the after sales department. The latest technology in cleaning roads to increase the profitability of our customers.



Compact dimensions


AUSA equipment are extremely compact for excellent maneuverability in narrow spaces. Four wheel steering versions for the lowest turning radius of the category.


Ergonomics, visibility and comfort


AUSA cabins are designed considering the maximum operator comfort. The total driving visibility, perfect distribution of commands and controls allow comfortable and safe operation.


The AUSA cleaning line include 3 concepts:

  • Vacuum sweepers
  • Washers
  • Mechanical sweepers

The AUSA vacuum sweepers

B 200 H / iLinkB 200 H / iLink

Suction sweeper AUSA B 200 H /B 200 H iLink 2 m3 of advanced technology and highly efficient design of sidewalks and pedestrian areas. Sweeper very quiet, clean, maneuverable, easy to use and low cost of operation.

B 400 H

B 400 H

Suction sweeper B 400 H of 4 m3 capacity and high performance suitable for roads. Sweeper with high comfort and low operating cost.

The AUSA washers

W 200 H / WH 200 H

W 200 H / WH 200 H

AUSA road flusher W 200 H WH 200 H high-pressure light, maneuverable and effective in areas of high pedestrian traffic.

W 350 H

W 350 H

AUSA road flusher W 350 H high performance washing the pavement and furniture with hot water and detergent.

Mechanical sweepers

BD 120 ML

BD 120 ML

The urban AUSA BD 120 ML sweeper of 500L capacity is a efficient and low investment cost equipment. Lateral and height exclusive unloading.

BD 202 HL

BD 202 HL

Advanced urban seeper AUSA BD 202 HL of 1.200l capacity. Mechanical sweeping system with high efficiency and low cost of investment


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